19-20 Sep 2024 Orsay (France)

Chirafun 2024: Chirality, Spectroscopies and Analyses

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Welcome to CHIRAFUN24, the annual conference of the GDR (CNRS - Chimie) Chirafun, which will take place from 19 to 20 September 2024 on the Saclay plateau (Orsay) and is jointly organised by ICMMO (UMR 8182) and ISMO (UMR 8214) located at University of Paris-Saclay.

Chirafun is a French research network devoted to chirality and multifunctionality, with four main lines of research: Chiral molecular materials, Biomimetic systems and chiral supramolecular assemblies, Chiroptical techniques and innovative spectroscopic hyphenated analyses, Fundamental physics.

This year, CHIRAFUN24 will cover different aspects and will focus in particular on analysis techniques or tools such as those based on optical spectroscopy or NMR, including chiroptical techniques (circular dichroism, circularly polarised luminescence, Raman optical activity, etc.). Hovewer, all aspects of chirality are welcome, such as asymmetric synthesis, supramolecular chemistry and analytical methods for the separation of enantiomers.

Two guest lectures will be given by Nathalie Katsonis (Netherlands) and Christian Merten (Germany).

In addition, talks (19 and 1 keynote) will be given by junior and senior scientists. Two poster sessions will be organised during the meeting. All participants are therefore encouraged to submit an abstract for an oral communication or a poster. The programme will be drawn up on the basis of your proposals.

The conference will be held in the amphitheatre of the Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d'Orsay, Bâtiment 520 "Plateau de Saclay", Université Paris-Saclay, from 14:00 on 19-09-24. Participants are welcomed from 11:30. These days will end at 17:30 on 20-09-24.

Registration (deadline 01-09-2024) is free but compulsory, with a maximum number of 70 participants. Please register as early as possible for organizational reasons, and don't forget to submit an abstract (oral and/or poster).

Chirafun 2024 website: https://chirafun2024.sciencesconf.org/

Scienfiic programme and local organising committee:

Philippe. Lesot (ICMMO), Christie Aroulanda (ICMMO)
Anne Zehnacker (ISMO), Valéria Lepère (ISMO)

Contact: philippe.lesot@universite-paris-saclay.fr


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Current programme (under construction):

*** Prog.site.pdf ***

i How to come?

* By car (via N-118) "Google Maps"


* By RER B (From Paris, direction : Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse (stop at Massy Palaiseau, Gare du Guichet or Gare d'Orsay), and then take a bus.

- From Massy-Palaiseau station: Bus N° 91-06
  (Direction: "Christ de Saclay", Stop at: Université Paris-Saclay (face to lUT d'Orsay)

- From Le Guichet station: Bus N° 9
(Direction: "Christ de Saclay", Stop at: Université Paris-Saclay (face to lUT d'Orsay))

From Orsay-Ville station (Rue Elisa Desjobert, face to campus) : Bus  N° 7
(Direction: "Plateau du Moulon - Corbeille", Stop at: Bois des rames
(Face to LPS))

i View on lSMO, Bulding 520:


i Local map of site:

Dynamical map of site


i A few hotels in the area:

- Hotel d'Orsay: http://www.hotel-orsay.com/

- Residhome: https://www.residhome.com/residence-hoteliere-aparthotel-buressuryvette-183.html

- B&B Hotel Saclay: https://www.hotel-bb.com/fr/hotel/saclay

- Tulip Inn Massy-Palaiseau: https://tulip-inn-massy-palaiseau.goldentulip.com/fr-fr/



i A larger list of hotels (downloadable): Hôtels


Template for the Abstracts (downloadable)

*** Template chirafun abstract.docx ***


Current list of attendees (18th July 2024)


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